Your Eating and Weight Problem

Your Eating and Weight Problem


You’ve tried everything: paleo, keto, raw food, diet pills, calorie counting and punishing workouts. Yet, you’re still overweight.

You’re feeling disappointed and frustrated.

You’re exhausted and exasperated from trying to fix it yourself.

You feel ashamed by how much you weigYou keep it a secret.

You feel stuck with being overweight.

You’re very aware of how much your compulsive eating is getting you down.

You’re desperate to be your ideal weight.

You long to feel good in your clothes and to not feel self-conscious and embarrassed by how you look.

Unable to stop your addictive eating you may feel life is on hold or it’s blighted by how you look, feel and behave. You feel consumed by your compulsive overeating, you feel alone with your problem, powerless to resolve it, and you want to be set free from constantly harming your health.

I can help.

Join me and finally reach your ideal weight with ease.

The missing bit in all popular diets is the profound impact your subconscious mind has upon your binge eating, addictive eating and compulsive overeating. Your subconscious is mightily powerful and operates below your level of awareness. You’re simply not aware of how your subconscious governs your thinking, addictive, unhealthy, compulsive eating.

My Approach is - Rapid Transformational Therapy and coaching (RTT)

My transformative therapy and coaching are based on changing the root causes of your addictive and compulsive eating. I don't simply address the symptoms.


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